Support the Choir

Our Summer and Winter concerts are our main fundraising events where we aim to showcase the talents of the choir, have fun and raise some much-needed funds. As with all charities the Rainbow Chorus and our members have been affected financially by the pandemic and the cost of living crisis - and we need your help more than ever.


All proceeds raised will help us to continue to run the charity and to support our members and the wider LGBTQ+ community by raising awareness of issues affecting us, whether that is with live concerts and performances or online supporting virtual events. Any support you are able to give by making a donation would be a huge help and really appreciated.

We urgently need your help to continue our work. Thanks to Gift Aid, your donation could be increased by 25%.

There are a range of other ways you could really help us raise funds for the choir as well: 


Here at the Rainbow Chorus it’s not just about singing. As well as sopranos, altos, tenors and basses, we have a fifth section – our volunteers!


Our volunteers are invaluable and help us in a wide range of roles. From setting up venues for concerts, to front of house selling tickets and refreshments, to backstage work on sound and lighting, the fifth section help us to provide a professional experience to our audience.


We are always looking for more volunteers, especially in the run-up to concerts. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to the Rainbow Chorus, please email: and we will get in touch.

Sponsor the Choir

We offer a range of opportunities for your organisation to have a closer connection with the Chorus and to connect with the exuberance and quality of our work.


Sponsor an individual concert or education workshop or become a named sponsor of an entire concert season.


Join us at concerts or get your team singing in workshops with our inspirational practitioners.


We would be proud to promote our partnership at our events, in concert programmes, on our website and through social media.


Help us to be less dependent on grants, which have become increasingly hard to obtain. Sponsoring the choir will help us maintain affordable subscriptions, and will mean we can ensure we continue our policy of being open to all irrespective of income and continue with our community performances and outreach projects. 

With an annual audience reach of 8000+ and a regular high profile in local press and media as well as nationally we have a lot to offer our potential partners! Areas sponsorship funding could help us with include: 

  • Main productions
  • Our outreach programme 
  • Our Bursary Fund ensuring all members can be included in trips/ events regardless of income 
  • Rainbow Chorus members’ performance wear such as T-shirts 
  • Music copyright costs 
Help Us

We also need help in these areas: 

  • Free or reduced hire or access to a van/ driver for occasional local trips helping to pick up and deliver our equipment/staging to rehearsal or performance venues. 
  • Free / reduced rate (dry & secure) space to store Chorus property. 
  • Pro bono accountancy, Treasurer or legal expertise.

There may be other ways you can help – make us an offer, we’d love to hear from you! Please email: and we will get in touch.


Gifts in Wills
Please consider leaving a gift to the Rainbow Chorus in your will to ensure that the next generation of audience and singers can enjoy the music you have loved.


Gifts in Memory
Remember a family member or dear friend with an ‘In Memoriam’ gift to support a particular concert or a project close to the heart of the person being remembered.